Company Growth

Growth Including Acquisitions

Organic Growth

Many businesses fail during the rapid growth phases due to a lack of infrastructure to service more customers, adequate funds to finance the growth, sustained operating losses, and/or poor cash flows. We help your company avoid these pitfalls to greatly reduce the risk that new locations, products, and other initiatives will overstress the company’s capabilities and resources.



Acquiring a company doesn’t necessarily equate to business success – especially if the purchasing company doesn’t have any experience in this area or has had issues with M&A in the past. There is an art and a science to ensuring success before signing on the dotted line. We are experts in assisting companies with growth both organically and through acquisitions. Ironically, growing companies can often go out of business if they don’t handle cash flow, have an infrastructure in place, or properly prepare for the acquisition of another business.

We bring more to the table so you’re better prepared to purchase a business and meet your growth goals than some other consulting firms. Our experience and personal ethics guide us to make sure no deals are pushed through if they do not serve your best interest.

We help reveal blind spots in contracts/agreements as well as locate where gaps are in the business valuation. You may think your company is worth $20MM, but the gaps reveal you may only receive a $15MM valuation in the market unless changes are made. We conduct a deep dive on your business from multiple angles that have been historically shown to significantly impact total business value in a sale to make sure you are prepared when you come to the negotiating table. We “quarterback” your Team to ensure that the transition is the most successful one possible and meets your goals.

We are a boutique firm and bring our trusted advisor network to the table as needed to enhance our capabilities in the areas of sales, marketing, legal, operations, and other areas as needed.

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