About Maximum Possibilities

About Maximum Possibilities

At Maximum Possibilities, we know navigating an M&A opportunity can be arduous. We’re here to be your trusted advisor and partner in the process of growing or transitioning your business, guiding you through all the unfamiliar waters of the processes. Even after the deal is completed, we remain committed to ensuring the plan is executed properly. We have demonstrated a proven track record of success through our Growth Model of critical core competencies.

Culture is incredibly important to us, and we’re in a position to be selective of the clients with whom we choose to work. We understand that some other firms are only in it for the fees, but we’re in it for our client’s success. We bring more to the table so our clients are better prepared to purchase a business and meet their growth or exit goals. When planning your growth or exit strategy, it’s critical you have a partner that can help you realize and achieve the maximum possibilities.

About the Leadership

We have been heavily involved in all aspects of M&A opportunities for decades, and lead the development of repeatable core competencies. Early in our career, we witnessed less than successful acquisitions and were on a high-performing team that identified critical success factors and new processes from the strategic planning phase through execution.

Over the years, we have polished and enhanced our capabilities in this area. We lead a process for taking a SaaS Company private in a deal valued at more than $100 million with a double-digit multiple. Having high integrity and exemplary due diligence, makes our approach –and our team– an asset in your corner.

We enjoy working on your behalf, making sure you achieve exactly what you desire, whether it’s a sale, acquisition, or organic growth. With a track record of dozens of successful transactions, we bring wisdom and experience to the table and work to be your trusted advisor throughout the entire process.

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